Who is Don Fetti?

Don Fetti was born February 18, 1987.

At the age of 10, Fetti start developing the talents of spoken word. What she didn’t know was that this dream would engulf her deepest, most inner thoughts, night after night. It was almost as if it was the remedy, the cure-all and all she needed was the recipe. Through hard work and dedication DClay has re-emerged with not only a new name – Hence, Don Fetti, but also a new focus to go hard like never before.

Fetti Goes Hard!

As a hot new artist with dreams and aspirations, this industry will have an eye opening experience to look forward to from this upcoming female rapper. So, be sure to keep showing love and support!

Don Fetti, also known as D.Clay, has a unique way of writing her music. It’s deep, super real, and most of all she’s just being true to HERSELF.

The first mixtape “R.I.C.H” (Rendering Important Characteristics of Honor) has gained her a lot of recognition in the streets of Alabama. Although, Fetti resides in Atlanta, Georgia the place that most inspired her — Tuscaloosa, AL will never be forgotten.

She is currently working on her upcoming single WARRIOR